Central Library 10th October 2018

Central Library 10th October 2018

Water Efficiency and DSP sign up promotion

Water Efficiency Event at MK Central Library

October 10th 2018 was Imagine a Day Without Water day organised by the Value of Water Campaign in the USA.

The Milton Keynes Water Community took part in the campaign because water efficiency is a prime concern in our area.


Project partners from the POWER project  were in the foyer at Milton Keynes Central Library on October 10th 2018.




Between 10:00 and 15:00 we discussed ways to save water and gave out free water efficiency items that Anglian Water provided for this event.


People who signed up to the MK Water community were given a linen bag as our way of saying thank you taking part in the project.



The event was popular with visitors to the library.




We are thinking about visiting other libraries in Milton Keynes. Let us know if you would like us to visit your local library and we will do our best to arrange a day to be at a library near you.



Don't forget to tell your friends about the easy ways to save water and how they can get some free advice from other pages on this website.





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    water efficiency tools

    Evan Lysandra

    gold30 January 2019 - 6:19 PM how that water efficiency product works??
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  • Evan Lysandra



    how that water efficiency product works??

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