Water efficiency educational programs at schools

Water efficiency educational programs at schools

Milton Keynes Council is working with Anglian Water Education to create interest in water conservation. Resources include lesson plans based around meter readings and the opportunity to compare and contrast different water efficiency initiatives.


Water is an amazing element and is essential to all forms of life on Earth. Water can be found on our planet in liquid, solid or gas and over 70% of Earth is covered in H2O.


Clean water is a valuable resource around the world and could become scarce in the Milton Keynes area.


There are two reasons why water may become scarce in Milton Keynes. One factor is the growing population and the other is we are in the driest region of the United Kingdom.


Could you guess how many litres of water we use every day? Each MK citizen uses about 131 litres a day at home and a further average of around 15 litres a day at school. Imagine each student using seventy five 2 litre bottles of water each day and we appreciate how efficiently our water treatment facilities process waste water.



We need to find ways to reduce our demand for clean tap water. The good news is there are many actions we can take, most of which only require thinking about how we use water and making small changes every day.


Anglian Water already has good ideas for saving water and the POWER project has the same aims. We are looking for schools to work with on this project to explore and demonstrate the best way of reducing water demand. The results will be examples of best practice for other cities to adopt. 


Together we can explore new ideas of saving water by creating games and competitions. Small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference. You can choose how to make these changes and share your ideas with the rest of your school.

This table is good place to start. This has been created by the Sustainability Team at Milton Keynes Council. The left column is a list of benchmarks which is a way of comparing your school’s water use to others. These figures are in cubic metres per year.


Usage per pupil p.a


<1 – 2

Very good control of water use.

  2 – 4

Average use of water

  4 – 6

Above average water use, some concern – monitor closely

  6 - 8

Well above average water use – investigate with plumber


Seriously above average use – investigate with plumber


The process of monitoring includes reading meters and working out how much water has been saved each month.


Would you like to find ways to improve how your school uses water? Log into the project by clicking on the links in the Get involved section.

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School Engagement Project




Water in Schools Project 2017/18


Anglian Water and Milton Keynes Council are working together to raise awareness of water efficiency.


Anglian Water’s education provision encompasses all Key Stages. There are a range of topics covered such as water efficiency, pollution, climate change and sustainability. Sessions are fun, interactive and include challenges and self-directed tasks. All of these sessions are at no cost to you.


These games and sessions are suitable for all teachers and may be of particular interest to co-ordinators for Science, Geography, PHSE and Eco schools. 


All of the Anglian Water Community Education team are qualified, experienced teachers with current DBS checks.


Anglian Water has won awards for their excellent education work with schools.


We welcome your suggestions if you would like the team to bring a particular focus to your school. Let us know if you would like to host the event in March or another date that would work well with a pre-planned event or if you would like to book a time slot. Contact the team by emailing Caroline at cDonnelly2@anglianwater.co.uk or Christine in Milton Keynes Sustainability Team at Carbon@Milton-Keynes.gov.uk


We look forward to hearing from you.




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Educational Resources




Welcome to the education section.

By way of an introduction, spend a pleasant five minutes with this clever animation from the South Devon Catchment Partnership - The Drip

Let us know what you think of this and if you know of any other interesting educational resources by clicking on the links in the Get involved section.



Each regional water company has a dedicated educational programme. The water companies have great ideas and it is worth looking through several to find what would be a good idea in your school. It is worth bearing in mind that if you engage with your local water company you will have access to their full range of educational resources. Milton Keynes is in the Anglian Water region.




The regional water company education links are listed below in alphabetical order.


Anglian Water







Dwr Cymru





Northern Ireland water





Northumbrian Water




Scottish water








Severn Trent Water




Southern water





South West Water






Thames Water





United Utilities




Wessex Water





Yorkshire Water



All the sites have useful information for teachers, researchers and students of all ages.

If you find something you would like to share or if you have a great idea of your own, log on to the POWER forum and share your news.




Annual water events

These sites provide details of regular water events and are valuable sources of information.


World water monitoring day

September 18th every year





United Nations World water day 

March 22nd every year



World Toilet Day

November 19th every year







Let us know if you have heard about other useful links or annual events so we can add to this list.


Create or join discussions in POWER to share your ideas or experience of water awareness events. Click on the links in the Get involved section on the right hand side and let us know your thoughts and ideas.


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