Take part in our Energy & Environment Survey

Take part in our Energy & Environment Survey

Milton Keynes Council is exploring ways for citizens to use energy and water more efficiently in Milton Keynes. Your answers to this energy and environment survey will help to shape these future actions and policies so please support the research with information about your household and your ideas for what you’d like to see.

Use this opportunity to tell us what you think


We want to know what MK citizens care about, so please take this opportunity to tell us what you’d like to see and your ideas for how our city can use energy and water more efficiently.




Milton Keynes Council (MKC) is working to make MK a better place for us all to live and work.

As MKC set out in the 2019 – 2050 Sustainability Strategy, the aim is for Milton Keynes to be the greenest city in the world. This means that we all need to work together to reduce our carbon emissions to zero by 2050… starting now!

This energy and environment survey is part of MKC’s research to understand the specific needs of MK citizens that will help guide future plans for the city.

Who can take this survey?


MKC welcomes responses from anyone who lives or works in Milton Keynes.


It’s been designed to only take a few minutes to complete online but if you need any assistance filling it in, please email us at: carbon@milton-keynes.gov.uk


What is this survey about?

MKC is gathering information about citizens current energy and water usage to present a picture of existing household usage and collect the views of MK citizens to better understand concerns on sustainability issues.

Household energy use


Why complete this survey

Your participation in this survey will help inform future MKC sustainability actions, identify new strategic pathways and influence policy change concerning the use of energy and water in Milton Keynes.

The collective results of the survey will be publicised on the MKC Low Carbon Living pages in autumn 2019 and the POWER water community platform.





Your feedback


We welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment below or get in touch using the survey or by emailing: carbon@milton-keynes.gov.uk


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