Become Part of our Citizen Interest Board

Become Part of our Citizen Interest Board

The Citizen Interest Board will help to implement a Milton Keynes Council strategy on water sustainability that has been designed as the result of citizen-engagement. Post your ideas and interest in joining in the comments area below.


Engaging with Milton Keynes (MK) citizens has always been central to MK Council’s (MKC) work to improve our city but this is now crucial if we’re going to work together to achieve the aims of the 2019 – 2050 Sustainability Strategy.


This is precisely why the council is conducting research like its recent Energy & Environment Survey – inviting MK citizens to share their concerns and ideas for how our city can use energy and water more efficiently.


The Citizen Interest Board takes this idea of giving citizens a voice to help guide future MK plans even further…


What is the Milton Keynes Citizen Interest Board?


In a move towards a more direct form of democracy in which citizens provide and input, a Citizen Interest Board represents a community-based method of local decision making.


Board members should represent a group of citizens who are apolitical and have no financial interest in the project or policy under discussion.


Their role is to represent MK citizens in overseeing the implementation of strategy, project or plan related to how MKC can help to reduce water consumption in MK in ways that citizens will want to use.


What you get from being on the Citizens Interest Board


Being on the Citizen Interest Board requires you to be actively engaged with the council on the issue of water conservation and have a voice that works in the public interest.


The reward for this direct involvement is that members of the Citizens Interest Board oversee the development and implementation of the specific water conservation policy that they have helped to drive from the local community.

Shape environmental policy





How does it apply to Milton Keynes?

In conjunction with the EU-funded POWER project that focuses on reducing water consumption, we are asking for citizens’ ideas for how to encourage more efficient use of water in Milton Keynes.

To remain transparent and open to the public, as many as possible of the discussions and suggestions will be communicated using this Milton Keynes water community platform.


Share your thoughts


Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and policy ideas in the comments area below.

The aim is to create systems that citizens will want to use so please consider how the planning system, landscaping and changing behaviours can help address the question of how we can reduce water consumption in MK.

What do members of the Citizens Interest Board need to do?

The principal task of the Citizen Interest Board is to ensure the implementation of a strategy that has been designed as the result of citizen-engagement initiatives.  

The Board must act in a politically neutral manner and must ensure that a change in local government due to elections does not affect an agreed policy or project that is already under way. This ensures that a new administration does not abandon or renege on an agreed policy or strategy.

Members need to:

  • participate in the preparation of a specific Council policy.
  • communicate suggestions, progress updates, discussion points using the MK Community Water Platform.
  • be willing to act as the policy watchdog when the policy has been approved by the Milton Keynes Cabinet.
  • receive guidance in how to observe the progress of the policy in question and to ensure they are ready to interact with other citizens, the town hall, the professional sector and the local press.
  • be responsible for maintaining public awareness concerning the policy in question and to further inform, involve and encourage all citizens to understand the importance of the initiative in a more global strategic context.

  • be responsible for encouraging and participating in the post-implementation analysis of the policy. It should suggest further options and form the basis for the subsequent citizen-engagement activities for subsequent proposals.

The process


The idea is to collect policy ideas here in the comments area of this page. Citizens are then encouraged to comment on each other’s posts and share opinions about what they think will and won’t work.


The POWER water community platform provides the forum for communication and participation throughout the process to aid the next step as we refine the ideas with more input from members of the community. This builds the consideration of each idea so that they become more well thought out.

The Citizen Interest Board process


As we go through the process and have meetings to further refine the ideas, the final stage is for citizens to vote on their favourites so that we end up with three top ideas that can be developed into formal proposals to put forward to the council cabinet.


The Citizens Interest Board is responsible for helping MKC to create a long-term roadmap for how the new policy will be shaped. They have a unique position of overseeing the development so that the active contribution of citizens is incorporated alongside those of research and private sector representatives. This ensures that the Citizen Interest Board is involved from start to finish and drives the implementation of the community’s desired new sustainability policy.


How to get involved


Ideas can be submitted now in preparation for the first Citizen Interest Board meeting on the 24th September 2019 which will be held at the Civic Offices.


If you live or work in Milton Keynes and would like to shape a new community-driven sustainability policy that helps the city to reduce its water consumption, please register your interest in joining the Citizen Interest Board by emailing: You will then be sent an Eventbrite invitation if there are spaces available.


If you have ideas but can't attend the meeting you can still have your say by posting your ideas in the comments section below.


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