MK 2020 Sustainability Conference

MK 2020 Sustainability Conference

Sustainability conference delivered plans for a sustainable Milton Keynes

March 2020 update: The Sustainability Conference report


In early March 2020 the Milton Keynes Sustainability Conference took place at the Sky Room, Milton Keynes Gallery, 900 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3QA.



The Conference was arranged to deliver an overview of actions taking place in Milton Keynes Council to meet carbon reduction targets and deliver the key message that we all need to work together to reduce our dependence on  fossil fuels.


The Conference was supported by the Interreg POTEnT project. More about this on the POTEnT project Challenge.


Click on the logo below to go to the Interreg POTEnT project site.




The agenda featured a mix of local experts, project delivery partners and MKC Heads of Service.





Invitations were sent to all the people who have shown an interest in sustainable living in Milton Keynes through our projects and workshops, all the MK Councillors, environmental groups and charities. 



By the week of the Conference we had registered 94 people to attend the Conference.  Government guidelines at that time did not forbid social gatherings so the Conference went ahead as planned. 



Leader of Milton Keynes Council Peter Marland opened the conference and delivered an overview of how the Council will work in partnerships to meet the ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions.



Geoff Snelson provided an overview of Milton Keynes history of innovative sustainable living initiatives. This provided context for the new Strategy for 2050.   For more information see Geoff's presentation in the Documents section below and visit the website for up to date news


The Conference went well with lively question and answer sessions after every speaker.


Audio recordings will be provided in the Documents section as soon as they are ready to be circulated.



Speaker presentations are in the Documents section below.


These will be uploaded as permission for dissemination is granted by the authors.


Visual summaries of the Conference proceedings courtesy of Drawnalism












Thanks to Matt at Drawnalism











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