Water Europe Innovation Award 2020

Water Europe Innovation Award 2020

A Water-Smart Society For A Post-COVID19 Green Deal


POWER has been selected as a winner of the WIE2020 Award for the category Water Governance!



The aim of the awards is to support the implementation of the Water Europe Vision “The value of water: towards a future-proof model for a European water-smart society”.


The application

In the project, we have created a strong legacy of:


  • new tools (the digital social platform, DSP, and best practice repository, BPR, software),
  • models for engagement (gamification knowledge visualisation, collaborative idea contest, ConCensus) 
  • methodology (Governance Capacity Framework)


to ensure the informed growth of political and social awareness and action on water environmental challenges. 


The POWER tools have been specially designed and implemented to facilitate the digital involvement of communities in processes of multi-stakeholder governance, dissemination, planning and decision-making that can be applied to any sustainability-related challenge.


Digital Innovative Water Week has already started: 22 Jun 2020 - 26 Jun 2020


The awards were presented at 10 am on Tuesday 23rd June during Session 2: A Water-Smart Industry for a green deal & WEBINAR: Presentation of the WE Water Vision implementation 2020-2027.


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