Refill Project

Refill Project

Free water and reducing use of plastic.

Refill Project is a national project that provides clean drinking water to the public and reduces plastic.


Refill are on a mission to make it easy, convenient and enjoyable to top up your water bottle by introducing Refill Stations on every street. Their Refill app displays over 10,000 businesses and retailers who are supporting the movement to end single use plastic waste.



Results from a 2017 survey provided some interesting facts about how we source drinking water when we are away from home.



The MK Water Community like the idea of free water and being good to the environment and are looking for someone to lead a Refill scheme in Milton Keynes.



UK Water companies are teaming up with UK cities to create a network of partners where you can fill your reusable water bottle.




The average Londoner uses 175 plastic bottles a year and only half of these are recycled. There are now more than 700 Refill Stations where bottles can be topped up and more are joining every day.



There are now more than 10,000 refill locations in the UK who have signed up for this project so it is a good idea to download the Refill app so you can locate the filling stations.


Refill is powered by City to Sea, connecting our actions with our oceans.


Let us know how useful you have found this article and if you are interested in leading a Refill scheme in MK by leaving comments or by emailing

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  • Evan Lysandra



    i think getting used to refill tap water is a good habit. we should embrace for it

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